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When Bharat became India : India needs a wake-up

There has been a lot of whining and sedition over the condition of our country. What it has lead to is not a solution, but a mere mockery of the nation itself. But then, what is the solution? Is it a new constitution, a new society, or many new nations? All these are infatuations of our intellectual perverts. What India actually needs is, in fact, pretty simple. What India needs is a wake-up alarm.

Its disappointing to see how the very identity of erstwhile historic 'Bharat' has been twisted and distorted by the elite few in the formation of India we know today. Servility has became synonymous to India. Debauchery and treachery are rewarded. Corruption  is on the verge of getting a legal recognition, already enjoying a societal authentication. Is this what 'Bharat' was all about?

No, definitely not. Bharat was never about servility. It was about defiance and self-assertation. Servility of indians is a concept misquoted by the British for their interests, and later used by the capitalists and politicians to keep the countrymen under check. Repetition of the same has further left us, the aam--admi, convinced that we have to live with, by and for what the power-class decides.

Yes, as every other society, nations, and every tribe, mistakes have been made. But the real test of the society lies not in making mistakes, but in correcting them, and a pledge to avoid its repetition. 'To err is human'. Remember the sati-pratha, which is banned now. And yes we unanimously agree it was wrong and inhumane. But then why did the society adopted it in the first place. That is because people of that era had their different, if not bizarre, logic. And the society made a mistake. Did the society realized its mistake later? YES. Did they corrected it? YES. Has it been repeated? NO.

And remember all this happened in the pre-technology era. An era when different societies were rarely compared. An era when rule of land was not governed by a written law, but by a single hierarchical son. An era when a revolution meant people have gathered through the word-of-mouth and some locally published newspapers. Need not tell my intelligentsia how it is in the modern hi-tech hi-def era.

I remember a nice video advert I saw sometime ago. It was about traffic-jam in heavy rain. Everyone was honking their horns. Netaji had an arrangement made on the other side. And the police was sleeping. Suddenly a lame fifth-grader came forward and tried pushing that big trunk. People got motivated and joined it. And before the policemen could wake up, the traffic was cleared. I like that tune "Tum chalo toh Hindustan chale". And I think it says it all.

Why are we so helpless when it comes to the corrupt and the powerful? The 'sab chalta hai' attitude needs to stop. Kyu chalta hai bhai? When did our representatives became our bosses? Why are they not answerable to anybody but one of their own kind? Why is there a great disparity between tax collections and public expenditure?

Questions are many, answer is one - Its because we want our children to be fat and servile like we have been our entire life. Its because India has been ruled for over 2 centuries and service to the king is in our bones, at least that is what most of us unfortunately say.

If that's what we think, then why democracy? Why all these rallies and anshans over trying to convince someone? And who to convince? Whenever I switch to a news channel, I wonder will the mistake correct itself? No, it wont.

It is the great irony and shame that a country of 1.21 billion people fail to get 750 odd honest people to the parliament. And why is it so? The answer I usually get is that "he was of my caste", or that " I didn't vote because all of them are alike". The question is then if nobody's honest, why the shout.

Also another thing I am concerned about is the Fat Indian habit of speculation. Speculations are good and necessary, but what worries me are the reasonless speculations. We dont want to vote to young because 'He lacks experience', wont vote to someone of other caste because 'He wont work for my caste' , Wont vote for someone we know is honest because 'He'll also become corrupt, so what's the difference'. And finally, out of pittance or whatever, end up choosing the same corrupt politicians. Do comment down if anyone has a reason for any of these speculations. Because I don't find any.

Finally, citing a statement I read somewhere in some book,

Setting off a bomb in class is a temporary solution, we need to do our homework

- Dr. Ankit Rajvanshi,


  1. Nicely written. Young, educated mind need to take interest in politics.


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