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Showing posts from October 2, 2022

The Midnight Fallacy

Amazing is the mystique of this night, the calm, silent, angelic wind, the whispering plants, these clouds floating over the horizon, the shining stars, everything is just so magical.. another full-moon night sitting up here, and d same fallacy, d wicked wind brushing my ears, I can hear it play with me.. I can feel those lil baby clouds, trying to catch the horizon.. the shiniest star showing them the way, the eldest are the leaf-ladies, they whisper and chat at night, after a long day at work.. I love their world, so selfless, so honest, as if its a magnet for me, cant stop listening, i come over again, everyday they call me to the huddle, and i sit there and listen, feeling their warmth, their love, oh! that mesmerising feeling.. Time passes by so quickly with them, that I see the horizon turning orange, With a purple tinge in the sky,  the creatures of day start coming to life, birds start their morning rituals before anybody else, the wind slow