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The Defiance

Another day of Desperation, Another day of Discontent, Another day of angry moments, The world is not such a good place after all, For all these doings, all the efforts will go in vain, After all the years of struggle and glory, Still finding it hard to prove myself, Maybe the life is, infact, just a transitional phase, For whatever you do doesn't really matter, What matters in the end is redemption of the soul, Taking us back to where it all started, And the worst is the inability for our own redemption, The inability to cross these broad barriers, Which are arbitrarily built after all, The obligation of accountability for liking a candy, The perception of perverseness for a true love, Deeds being easily said than done, Mixed up with the democratic freedom of speech, Such a cruel and dangerous amalgamation thy is, Being crucified by pitiful mortals, Defiance is the last stone I seek, Left is their no other way, For I believe in what I believe, For m