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When Bharat became India : India needs a wake-up

There has been a lot of whining and sedition over the condition of our country. What it has lead to is not a solution, but a mere mockery of the nation itself. But then, what is the solution? Is it a new constitution, a new society, or many new nations? All these are infatuations of our intellectual perverts. What India actually needs is, in fact, pretty simple. What India needs is a wake-up alarm. Its disappointing to see how the very identity of erstwhile historic ' Bharat ' has been twisted and distorted by the elite few in the formation of India we know today. Servility has became synonymous to India. Debauchery and treachery are rewarded. Corruption  is on the verge of getting a legal recognition, already enjoying a societal authentication. Is this what ' Bharat ' was all about? No, definitely not. Bharat was never about servility. It was about defiance and self-assertation. Servility of indians is a concept misquoted by the British for their interests, and l